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Last updated: January 21, 2021


Foundr is an independently published global media and education company. We work with the greatest founders of our time, distilling their lessons into magazines, blogs, podcasts, books, and courses. We’re about actionable advice, not theory. About practitioners, not gurus.

OUR MISSION is to build a household name entrepreneurial brand that impacts 10’s of millions of entrepreneurs every single week with our content and bring true entrepreneurial education to the masses to drive humanity forward.

The Spark That Ignited Foundr
From idea and bootstrapped startup, to becoming a leading entrepreneurial resource serving millions

Sadly the educational market for entrepreneurs had become oversaturated with “guru’s” and people who value squeezing a buck out of you more than they do truly helping you build something that matters.

Fortunately the entrepreneurial kingpin Richard Branson, agreed and his interview kicked Foundr off with a running start. That was 2013.

Today Foundr remains completely bootstrapped. In true startup fashion we’re moving faster than ever and continue to work solely with those who are actual practitioners, real founders. We’re hiring, innovating, taking action, failing, succeeding, and turning around and transparently sharing everything we learn with our incredible community. If you win, we win.

Foundr is the go-to resource for helping today's entrepreneurs build tomorrow's leading businesses.

Starting a business is easy. Building a business is hard. If you want to build something that matters, you know you’re going to need all the help you can get. And that’s where we come in.

Because if you already know the juice is worth the squeeze, then all you need is the tools, tips and techniques to get you through tough and uncertain times. Proven advice and ideas from the best in the industry, who only got to their position by first being in yours.

We can’t make you believe in your business. But if you do, we can show you how to make it happen.

Our Community at Large

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